How These Pancakes Keep My Blood Sugar Happy

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When I first developed the Protein Powered pancakes recipe, I thought I was looking for a solution for other people.

I had pretty much zero desire to eat pancakes, because my experience with them, was that 40 minutes later I was tired and starving again. They would spike and then ultimately crash my blood sugar, and force me to have to eat a second more nutrient dense breakfast - so basically they weren't on the menu for me.

Nutritionally speaking, eating conventional pancakes for breakfast is…

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How the recipe for Protein Powered Pancakes was born & developed.

Panakes before & after

Everyone loves a good before and after right? 

The protein powered brand was born in part by personal necessity and as I mentioned in the previous post, with a few hints, pushes and resources, provided by the universe along the way!

The personal necessity part was that I really hated meat as a child, and after 13 years of being a lacto-vegetarian, I have pretty much have always struggled to get optimal protein in my diet.

Even after deciding to put vegetarianism behind me - with my aversion t…

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How the seed was planted for Protein Powered (and resources to start your own food biz)


It all started when I was seeking more ways to provide healthy convenience options to my weight loss clients who struggle to find the time and energy for cooking, and complained about the time it takes to mae whole foods from scratch.

At the time, I was making homemade protein bars and other low carb and sugar free treats that were getting a lot of attention on Instagram and I thought to myself that maybe I should sell them.

Then I thought, “what if I started a low carb prepared food delivery s…

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