How the seed was planted for Protein Powered (and resources to start your own food biz)


It all started when I was seeking more ways to provide healthy convenience options to my weight loss clients who struggle to find the time and energy for cooking, and complained about the time it takes to mae whole foods from scratch.

At the time, I was making homemade protein bars and other low carb and sugar free treats that were getting a lot of attention on Instagram and I thought to myself that maybe I should sell them.

Then I thought, “what if I started a low carb prepared food delivery service, so that my clients could buy healthy home prepared foods and snacks to have on hand - without spending a lot of time in the kitchen”? But on second thought, I was like “actually, no thanks, I don’t want to be the one to have to slave over the stove so they don’t have to”, haha!

A year later I was mentioning to a friend why I had put the idea of starting a food business on the shelf. And well, you know, Facebook was apparently listening because an hour later, an ad was put in front of me for the Agri-Tourism Entrepreneur Program (a joint collaboration between TOTA Tourism Okanagan and The University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business).

I thought maybe it was a sign that I should reconsider!

I applied and got in.

The idea for Protein Powered was conceived inside of the Agri-Tourism Entrepreneur Program. By the end of the program I had a recipe and the rest is history.

From there, I did the Community Futures business program, then Andrea Gray Grant’s at Good to Grow ‘Sprout Series’ course and her trade show called ‘From the Ground Up' show, as well as WeBC’s ‘Small Scale, Big Dreams’ food business incubator program.

On-going education and getting mentorship is pretty much a way of life for me.

I just completed a coaching package with Ainsley Moir of Healthy Food & Beverage Group and new package design is in the works for the next production run.

There is absolutely no way I could have or would have, launched a food manufacturing company on my own, without the help of all these amazing programs and people!

As a holistic nutritionist, I know nutrition and I am pretty skilled in the kitchen, but prior to this time, I had no knowledge or experience of the business of food manufacturing.

I am super grateful for all the incredible help and support I have received on this journey.

Tomorrow I will share how I came up with the recipe.

Meanwhile, I am officially launching with a 'Prioritize Protein' training series!

If you want to join for FREE and learn why prioritizing protein is about way more than just making muscles, click here:


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