Protein Positions & Polarities - what's true? what needs more context? are we even asking the right questions?

Protein Positions

Protein has become a hot topic these days.

In today's political climate of extreme polarities, the experts seem to either 'pump up' protein or demonize it.

You are told that you should eat plant protein instead of animal protein, for your health, the health of the planet and animal welfare. Is that the whole truth?

And is all that cholesterol and saturated fat in meat really going to kill you?

At the other extreme, are vegetables really trying to poison you with anti-nutrients that ravage yo…

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We are more than JUST a protein pancake.


9 Ways Our Grass Fed Protein Pancake is Different:

  1. Low carb, gluten free and high protein (it's really hard to find a high protein gluten free pancake that is also low carb, because most gluten free flours are super starchy and actually have more carbs than wheat). Keto pancakes are not high protein.

  2. It tastes and cooks up reminiscent of wheat giving both diabetics and celiacs and other gluten free (and low carb) people, that “flour like feeling’ they crave, without compromising their health…

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