We are more than JUST a protein pancake.


9 Ways Our Grass Fed Protein Pancake is Different:

  1. Low carb, gluten free and high protein (it's really hard to find a high protein gluten free pancake that is also low carb, because most gluten free flours are super starchy and actually have more carbs than wheat). Keto pancakes are not high protein.

  2. It tastes and cooks up reminiscent of wheat giving both diabetics and celiacs and other gluten free (and low carb) people, that “flour like feeling’ they crave, without compromising their health!

  3. We are the only keto pancake on the market that is nut flour, egg & stevia/erythritol free & flavouring free - so our mix is perfect for people with food sensitivities.

  4. It’s super clean -  made from only 4 ingredients  - grass-fed whey protein and psyllium fibre (which gives it it’s wheat like texture, with the sticky power of gluten that chefs love - but with none of the drawbacks for the people who eat it). The only other two ingredients are apple cider vinegar and baking soda which make the mix rise, without the need for eggs.

  5. Versatility - what really makes this mix stand apart is that it offers way more than your traditional sweet pancake breakfast - because you can make a variety of savoury pancakes and crepes, plus latkes, fish cakes, croutons and more.

  6.  Saves time and energy in the kitchen - the mix takes minimal time and effort to prepare.  It’s provides the perfect whole food, fast food base for creating balanced, protein forward meals for people in a hurry.

  7. Perfect meat alternative - has an advantage over plant based sources of protein, since our grass fed whey contains all of the essential amino acids. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  8. Cow approved - because grass fed whey comes from cows who prefer to be compassionately raised on pasture.

  9. Sustainability - our whey is also a waste by - product of the grass fed cheesemaking industry, so our mix uses up valuable nutrition that would have otherwise have gone to waste.


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