Why Protein Powered?

Protein Powered helps 'plant forward' people prioritize quality protein on their plate, without compromising their values.

Today, many people are going 'plant forward' for the betterment of animals and the environment, but often they underestimate their body's need for the essential amino acids found in animal proteins.

Having suffered the consequences of a low protein diet myself, Protein Powered was developed out of my personal need to eat more protein - without eating more meat. As a former vegetarian of 13 years, I was determined to find a compassionate solution that bridges the gap between human nutritional needs, animal welfare and ecology.

As an animal and nature lover, sustainable proteins that consider both the impact on the environment, while also serving human nutritional needs is imperative.

That's why I source New Zealand grassfed whey protein and meat sourced from happy cows, that graze outdoors on grass, while also incorporating the best of the best vegan proteins such as hemp, fermented, soy, spirulina and nutritional yeast.

With my back round as holistic nutritionist, our products must be made of simple, natural whole food ingredients, that are nutrient dense for health, and easy for customers to make, so that they can optimize their time spent in the kitchen.


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