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Session 1: Obesity As the Result of Protein Deficiency - The story of how I ended up obese, despite eating a natural whole foods lacto-vegetarian diet for 13 years. Learn why I had no choice but to question the 'dietary dogma' that I had subscribed to.

Session 2: Creating a Balanced Plate for your Weight - How I discovered that prioritizing protein was the missing piece. Learn why eating 'enough calories of whole foods' didn't work for me in the long run - plus, how I rebalanced my weight without dieting and you can too. Know how much you need to optimize your health.

Session 3: Amazing Amino Acids -  We'll explore how just like vitamins and minerals, each amino acid (the building blocks of protein) has it's own specific "jobs", and how you can use protein to restore your health.

Session 4: Protein Deficiency Symptomatology  - Learn why prioritizing protein is not just about building muscle and getting lean. Discover how certain symptoms you experience point to protein deficiency. Get access to our online Protein Deficiency Symptomatology Test to see how many symptoms of protein deficiency you have.

Session 5: Putting Protein Criticism In Context - We'll look at protein myths and half truths about  'demonized'  animal protein. Together, we'll get perspective by taking a 'systems view' and explore the common question "isn't too much protein "bad" for you".

Session 6: How to be Protein Powered - Beyond Classic Meat Dishes! 
We'll explore a variety of ways to prioritize protein on your plate - even if you don't like to eat meat in this show & tell "fast foods" I use to prioritize protein on my plate - including more obscure go-to meat alternatives/recipes -like Protein Powered pancakes (a product I developed myself) which has been a game changer in my kitchen! Finally, I cover putting soy in context, another demonized protein rich food.

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Your Instructor: Sherry Rothwell, RHN is a Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about sharing practical nutrition wisdom. Sherry is the founder of Protein Powered - and Delish Diet, where she specializes in helping people lose weight naturally without dieting. Prioritizing protein was one of the most important strategies Sherry used to balance her blood sugar and drop 12 dress sizes! She is also a former instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and can't wait to inspire you to prioritize protein on your plate! 

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