Protein Positions & Polarities - what's true? what needs more context? are we even asking the right questions?

Protein Positions

Protein has become a hot topic these days.

In today's political climate of extreme polarities, the experts seem to either 'pump up' protein or demonize it.

You are told that you should eat plant protein instead of animal protein, for your health, the health of the planet and animal welfare. Is that the whole truth?

And is all that cholesterol and saturated fat in meat really going to kill you?

At the other extreme, are vegetables really trying to poison you with anti-nutrients that ravage your gut to protect themselves? Maybe you have never even heard of this position, but it's a real thing in carnivore diet circles (have you heard of the carnivore diet)?!

These are polar positions people are considering these days.

The truth though is far, far from either extreme.

I have been following diet ideologies for many decades, and what I have noticed is that what the experts are teaching these days is true to some degree (in isolation in certain situations, like when people are sick and they need to heal), but mostly totally out of context when applied to collective human nutrition needs in healthy people who want to stay that way!

Come hang out with me to explore the truth about protein from a systems perspective and then make up your own mind.

Why should you listen to me?

Because as a former lacto-vegetarian of 13+ years who still eats a 'plant forward' diet, I get both sides.

As a nutritionist, I understand what motivates both an aversion to meat - and an aversion to vegetables.

Finally, after so many years on a lacto-vegetarian diet devoid of eggs and meat, not to mention through two pregnancies, I have extensive personal experience with the complexities of this topic.

I especially sympathize with not wanting to kill animals.

I have pretty much been battling an aversion to meat my entire life and at the same time, incorporating meat back into my diet was just what my body needed.

Let me give you the facts as they are currently known, some context for the controversies and important distinctions you should keep in mind when it comes to prioritizing protein - with deep respect for your health, the health of the planet and the welfare of animals.

If you are interested in exploring these topics more, join me for the Prioritize Protein' training series!

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