Protein Powered Mission

Mix w:veggies on cutting board

We are on a mission to help people prioritize protein on their plate!

Time, Money & Energy Mission:

  • Make people’s lives easier in the kitchen.
  • Healthy home made food, in less time.
  • Affordable and sustainable complete protein source.
  • Enjoy the convenience of cereal and actually have it be a healthy well balanced breakfast.
  • Healthy whole food, fast food.

Moms & Kids Mission:

  • Easy, kid friendly foods that make mom’s lives easier and prevent hyperactivity.

Health Mission:

  • Meet people’s protein needs and restore their muscle mass for optimal health (preventative health and treat the deficiencies that underlie disease processes).
  • Help people heal (protein rebuilds everything that is broken down in the body).
  • Our seed based recipes restore essential fatty acid deficiencies.
  • Provide easy to digest foods that heal the gut.

Vegetarian Mission:

  • Complete protein for vegetarians.
  • A meat alternative that isn’t a processed food.
  • Sustainable protein source that is compassionate toward animals and the planet.

Athlete Mission:

  • Prevent injuries in athletes and decrease recovery time.
  • Provide an alternative to protein shakes & bars.

Celiac Mission:

  • Help people who can’t eat wheat, gluten, grains and nuts, enjoy foods that have that “flour feel” again.

Weight Loss Mission:

  • Release extra body fat without deprivation.

Diabetic Mission:

  • Diabetics enjoy eating comfort foods without spiking their blood sugar.

Elderly Mission:

  • Strong bones and healthy muscle tissue preventing falls and broken bones.
  • Eliminates constipation and restores gut flora (psyllium is a prebiotic).

Prepper Mission:

  • Shelf stable post apocalypse food for preppers.


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