Protein Powered Mission

Mix w:veggies on cutting board

We are on a mission to help people prioritize protein on their plate!

Time, Money & Energy Mission:

  • Make people’s lives easier in the kitchen.
  • Healthy home made food, in less time.
  • Affordable and sustainable complete protein source.
  • Enjoy the convenience of cereal and actually have it be a healthy well balanced breakfast.
  • Healthy whole food, fast food.

Health Mission:

  • Meet people’s protein needs and restore their muscle mass for optimal health (preventative health and treat the deficiencies that underlie disease processes).
  • Help people heal (protein rebuilds everything that is broken down in the body).
  • Our seed based recipes restore essential fatty acid deficiencies.
  • Provide easy to digest foods that heal the gut.

Moms & Kids Mission:

  • Easy, kid friendly foods that make mom’s lives easier and prevent hyperactivity.

Student Mission:

  • prevents sugar cravings that lead to foggy brain and interfere with studying.
  • helps students maintain healthy blood sugar, keeping their energy and mood stable.
  • the amino acids found in protein, form the basis of feel good neurotransmitters, which help to reduce anxiety and boost motivation at study time (without having to resort to stimulants like sugar and caffeine).
  • provides a well balanced meal in a hurry and with minimal dishes, leaving more time to study without compromising health
  • and finally it is great for students who are vegetarian and want a meat alternative containing all the essential amino acids.

Elderly Mission:

  • helps healing and recovery from injuries and accidents
  • builds healthy muscles and bones to prevent falls and bone breaks
  • relieves constipation due to the high fibre content that really ‘gets things going’

Vegetarian Mission:

  • Complete protein for vegetarians including all of the essential amino acids.
  • A soy free meat alternative that isn’t a heavily processed food with synthetic ingredients.
  • Sustainable protein source that is compassionate toward animals and the planet.

Athlete Mission:

  • Prevent injuries in athletes and decrease recovery time.
  • Provide an alternative to processed protein shakes & bars.

Celiac Mission:

  • Help people who can’t eat wheat, gluten, grains and nuts, enjoy foods that have that “flour feel” again.

Weight Loss Mission:

  • Release extra body fat without deprivation.

Diabetic Mission:

  • Diabetics enjoy eating comfort foods without spiking their blood sugar.

Prepper Mission:

  • Shelf stable post apocalypse food for preppers.


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