Saganaki (Pan Seared Greek Cheese) Keto, Low Carb & Gluten Free


This low carb and gluten free pan seared cheese is a great option when you want to pack a punch of protein, but you are not in the mood for meat! This recipe takes it next level with the addition of our mix, as it substantially increases the protein from 28 grams (which is already great) to 44 grams of protein (and that's not even considering the egg)!

What you will need:
1 package Saganaki Cheese
1/4 cup Protein Powered Pancake Mix
1 egg
olive oil
optional: fresh lemon for squeezing on top!

How to do it:
Step 1: Slice the cheese any way you would like. 
Step 2: Whisk an egg.
Step 3: Coat cheese in whisked egg.
Step 4: Dip and coat all sides in the Protein Powered pancake mix.
Step 5: Cook on medium heat in well oiled pan (traditionally it's deep fried, but you don't have to use that much oil unless you want to).
Step 6: Flip when the cheese starts to look orange on the cooked side.
Step 7: Serve with lemon on top or dip in marinara sauce or siracha (here's the ones I love by Wild Brine)

Since there will be most of the egg left over and a bit of the mix, you can use it to make a little side pancake!



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